At Conservation Sash Windows, we specialise in exactly what our name says. We’re experts in replacing double-glazed sash windows in listed buildings or houses in conservation areas, where preservation and aesthetics matter even more than elsewhere.


You don’t have to live in a conservation area, though, to benefit from our expertise, or even have a sash window. We offer a range of services for all kinds of doors and windows, and we’ll apply the same values and the same attention to detail whether your home was built in the 16th century or in the 21st.


Our Values

Conservation Sash Windows is dedicated to using the best of up-to-date technology to preserve the best of traditional aesthetics in buildings.


Our expert craftsmanship, from more than 50 years of combined experience in the building and construction industry, meets the exacting regulations for preserving the windows in listed buildings and those in conservation areas. At the same time, we use the best double-glazing and other draught-excluding techniques to make sure you can enjoy the heritage of the past without its inconveniences.


Aesthetics aren’t restricted to ancient buildings, though. If you want to give a more modern house the elegance that comes with traditional sash windows, we’ll apply the same traditional values of craftsmanship as we would in a conservation area. No customer of Conservation Sash Windows has to settle for second-best.


Our Services

We’re specialists in replacing double-glazed sash windows and we can replace sash windows using your existing box frames, preserving the architecture of the building. Our windows are unique, with 33mm double-glazed sashes in thickness and a box width of 125mm, complying with part L building regulation.


Matching your existing window profiles, we can replicate your windows with slender-fit double-glazing units to upgrade your home with the latest energy-saving glass. At the same time, we maintain the aesthetics, style and character of your windows.


We work in conservation areas and on listed buildings, meeting the exacting requirements the regulations insist on.


• We offer the latest techniques in draught-proofing for any type of window or door.

• We do a full renovation and restoration service, ensuring your home once more has the appearance that was originally intended.


We’ll reinstate sash windows that have been replaced by a different style. We also offer a range of standard building services, carried out to our usual expert standards, including repair and glazing service, replacement of timber sills, resin repairs, painting and plastering, and internal or external doors, standard or made to order.


Please see our new Shutter Range.


Our Guarantee

We offer a free, no-obligation survey and quotation service. All our timber windows are made from Hardwood Sapele FSC, fully factory painted, and fully draught proofed as standard. Renovation work to existing windows always includes our draught-proofing system.